Hazlehurst Studios is ever evolving, but at the core of it all, we want to be a creative hub that continues to offer low rent studio space to local artists, whilst engaging with our local community.



Over the last few months we have been working with Co3 Dance and the poet Louise Fazackerley, sharing ideas and using the garden space for more creative endeavours. As the garden is having a Alice in Wonderland theme, due to the tale being 150 years old this year, this was the theme that Sarah and Louise worked on with some local school children.

This poetry is by Year 3 Palacefields Academy 
The children worked with poet Louise Fazackerley to explore the nonsense language of the ‘Jabberwocky’ and unusual similes to describe characters in Alice In Wonderland. This poetry was then used to create two pieces of dance with professional dance company C03 and performed at The Brindley (July 2015)

The poetry will be on display in the ‘Old Town Bloom’ garden on 25th August (maybe sooner).

Illustrations are by Sir John Tenniel (http://www.gutenberg.org/files/114/114-h/114-h.htm#alice22)

You will be able to see the performance on film soon!

Also Sarah and Louise will be performing ‘The Woman Who Turned into an Eyeball’ in the garden on the 18th August at 1pm, it is a sight to behold and hear!


On the 11th of August, Hazlehurst Studios held their first ‘Art in the Garden’ session, which I blogged about here ‘Art in the Garden‘ , which is supporting our campaign to get more creative with the local community, that in itself is a nice little segue in the BBC Get Creative campaign , that we have recently became a part of  ‘ Art in the Garden – BBC Get Creative‘.

The weather was kind to us, so that certainly helped, but we definitely need to work on better signage, although the garden is totally open to the public, it definitely had a ‘private party’ vibe, which may have put people off. So hoping some nice signs will help people cross the invisible barrier next week, when we do it all again!