I start a residency at the Millennium Centre in Leasowe, Wirral on Friday 10 June. This blog is about the ups and downs of being there.


I have decided enough is enough with living on a low income and I am thinking of returning to full time work. So unless I take up another residency…. which is really unlikely… I am calling an end to this blog.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t be producing more work – far from it. I have this huge Stockholm project ahead which I have a lot to write about – I just don’t want people to chance upon reading this particular blog thinking it is about day to day life in a residency – when it isn’t.

soooooooooooo…. I am switching back to an earlier blog – Funding for international travel and exchange : www.a-n.co.uk/p/983947

…..and here brings my struggle to find funding.


We did it!!! We got accepted for the Stockholm Art fair in February next year.

Now to seriously look into funding!!

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That’s it, weeks and weeks..if not months and months.. of preparation over and now the waiting period begins. The deadline for the application was last night, but instead of making last minute adjustments to it, I went out.

It was one of those applications that you can add to periodically, save and then add more – so it goes after the last save whether it is done or not. I couldn’t think of anything else to add and I really don’t think it would have made any difference if I had fiddled with it to the bitter end. ( … and I had to get out!!)

A big thanks though to two of the group members – Andrew Crighton and Kimbal Bumstead who respectively sorted out the links on the Sci website and sent some fabulous links to video works for the application process.

Moonfruit is fantastic as a free website, but adding links to it made me just want to scream and throw the pc through the window! The website is a huge part of the application, so I’m hoping it ticks the right boxes.

It’s been quite a task – from building on from the residency at Leasowe, looking into its future reputation as an arts centre, making that sodding website and to coordinating group members…..

But , if nothing else, it’s been a learning experience.


http://www.butterpeanut.com/ ( Andrew Crighton)

http://sci.moonfruit.com/ ( the group)

http://www.kimbalbumstead.com/ ( Kimbal Bumstead)

…and what we live in hope for:



Working with Groups…. it’s something I said I would never do again, but here I am putting in a group application.

For those of you who have ever worked with groups will recognise some of the points below. This is how it should go:

Establish the group aims.

Appoint ‘jobs’ for each member of the group.

Agree a date for when these jobs are done.

Collate all of the information gathered and put it together for one fantastic proposal.

This is what actually happens.

Establish the group aims

Appoint ‘jobs’ for each member of the group.

Agree a date for when these jobs are done.

Begin to collate and then realise that everyone else has done sod all.

Do everything yourself.


To prove that you are a pc expert on TV, you have to hit the keyboard really hard and as often as possible. This ensures that everyone can hear you and knows instantly what you are doing.

Whether you are in fact an expert, is irrelevant, the important thing is that people know you are there.

Same goes for working in an office… you have to periodically scream at the top of your voice OMG, OMG I’ve got so much to do , while in reality you are only searching through online shopping sites. BUT – it establishes that all in the immediate vicinity, are making a mental note of your ‘busyness’. I know this from experience.

I have in fact been busy, so I haven’t been writing the blog or doing other things I should be doing – the pile of applications I’d meticulously printed off and set aside for my ‘to do’ list, forgotten and now past the deadline dates, are testament to this.

I did though notice another side effect to this silence – people assume you are not doing anything. This is career suicide for whatever profession you are in.

For this reason, I have set up another blog – my work and reasons behind it: www.a-n.co.uk/p/1534479/ to prove that I am still alive.

This is serving a purpose and can be read if anyone wants to, but I will absolutely not go down the route of sending out updates ( yes, I got another two last night…yawn…)