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Threads is a 1984 television drama which focuses on the medical, economic, social, and environmental consequences of a nuclear war spanning over a 13 year period.

This clip shows a child of one of the survivors who is educationally stunted and speaks a broken and distorted version of English.

I often find myself re-watching this clip. It is incredibly powerful as a it demonstrates a way of learning and a methodical way of working through communication. In my notes and work I am trying to think about my own thought processes and how I can communicate my ideas to a wider audience.

My critical notes:

  • presentation of language
  • sense to nonsense
  • call and response
  • create a sense of meaning through construction
  • listening and reading: education
  • divisive¬†machines: inversion, repeat, re-look and contemplate
  • fragmented and functioning like an archive
  • objective and subjective voices