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Venue 1
Kunsthal Aarhus
J. M. Mørks Gade 13, DK-8000 Aarhus C
Introduction with Nadia Donnerborg, Exhibitions Coordinator, Kunsthal Aarhus and artist curator Mark Tholander of Piscine.

A bit about Kunsthal Aarhus (from their website)
Kunsthal Aarhus is a contemporary art centre located at the centre of the city of Aarhus, Denmark. The institution initiates, commissions, produces and presents art at an international level to local, regional, and international audiences. Kunsthal Aarhus creates art in a broad context, connected to other fields of human activity, other disciplines, and to a wider society as part of a sustainable approach.

It provides a research based participatory, collaborative and transdisciplinary platform for artistic experimentation and critical engagement. Kunsthal Aarhus strives to be an inclusive, transparent, dynamic and flexible institution that fosters the culture of appreciation and values diversity of contributions.

Kunsthal Aarhus was established in 1917 on the initiative of Aarhus Art Association of 1847, and it remains the only Kunsthal in Aarhus and one of the oldest in Denmark and Europe.

With its founding mission to “inspire and promote a general knowledge of the fine arts,“ it was received with great enthusiasm by the public and has since played a central role in developing and presenting international contemporary art in Denmark.

A bit about Kunsthal Aarhus (from my notes)
The venue is beautiful and they also have a sculpture park outside. They like to look at whats’ new and relevant. There’s a small cafe and shop selling mostly books. The room with the hanging sculpture shown above is really lovely, its circular and bright.

During our visit to Kunsthal Aarhus we were taken on a tour around Aarhus of artworks that were set into different venues organised and curated by Mark Tholander of Piscine.