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Besides the desktop drudgery, I have been having fun up at the London Art Fair with Joanna Jones where DAD has a presence, by invitation, as part of ALISN’s SUBLET project http://www.alisn.org/SUBLET-London-Art-Fair.

We had fantastic footfall and almost non-stop enjoyable conversations with personal friends, friends of DAD and new people. We’ve definitely hit our ACE audience target for Matthias Koch’s work (done as part of our latest project: War & Peace).

The stated aim of SUBLET was to “critically examine the role of the art fair as an exclusive market place. With the help of London Art Fair, ALISN will subvert the traditional booth, by subletting one to a cross section of important artist-led spaces, most of which would not normally consider showing in this environment.

We could have represented DAD by showing our own studio-based work but chose instead to present work by some of the photographers we’ve worked with over the years. I have to say that building up relations with other artists has been one of the best things for me about DAD’s work.

Last October I invited one of the artists, Philippe Bazin, to show a moving image piece as part of my exhibition in Dover Museum. The other photographers are Pierre-Yves Brest, Goetz Diergarten, Nigel Green, Matthias Koch, Laura Padgett.

Last day of the fair today – I was going to be out and about visiting friends but the amount of snow meant I went for a walk with dog and husband in the local park instead.