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Among the disadvantages of an external studio is the difficulty of getting there! I think I’ve only made it twice since the beginning of the year, not least because I’ve been almost housebound for weeks and only going out when I have to for meetings. Anyhow, I am on the mend thanks to the lovely rheumatology nurse who came to the rescue even though I could not bring my appointment forward by writing a knee-saving prescription for steroids. Not the body-building kind!

I am also without a camera: my little one has broken down and the big one actually doesn’t belong to me so it is out doing service for a DAD project. Phone camera to the rescue.

I did finally get to the studio again yesterday and got some work done!

Most of my recent art looking has been online unsurprisingly. Among the stuff I’ve been looking at is work by El Anatsui, which I think is fantastic and I love his “meditative sewing” process as well as the careful choice of materials. A bottle top is not just a bottle top but a liquor bottle top is a reminder of the fact that liquor was exchanged by Europeans for slaves along the West African coast. Amazing, sumptuous works.