Artnaos is an interactive touring piece to hospitals which will also includes a study and publication.

I just received an ACE grant which was the main funding to do this project. Very excited but also anxious now about putting everything together!


More worries

I worry for my two lovely boys and my wonderful wife. I worry about dying before I've saved the world.

I'm scared of failing this course

I worry about my son's health, my finances and all sorts of minutiae in between all the time.

I am worried that in about 3 million years the humans will be gone because of global warming.

I am worried for my wife. She is ill and my father is dead.

Was homeless until recently now I have a tenancy support worker who is messing up my tenancy. He is lazy, incompetent, manipulative and bullying, and it is now clear he will use information I trusted him with against me. I'm totally over stressed.

How to keep calm when under stress – not to lose my cool when irritated by firends.


I worry about my future. I worry about the responsibliity it holds. I worry that I won't be up to it.

I worry that I am unable to keep myself safe.

I talk too much about peoples' private business.

My worry at the moment that life is full of unexpected things…how you don't know what the future holds. And I may actually like my boyfriend.

I'd like to know where the mortuary is and what happens to us when we die and who takes us to the undertaker and what do they do to us. I'm desperate to know these things it's been on my mind for a long time – not joking.

I worry that I'm not going to be strong enough to be a nurese. I worry that im'm not going to survive living away from home. But hey, that's what uni is all about!


More worries

My mother's health is deteriorating

A friend has lost motivation it seems … and he never sleeps I have no faith in myself…I works so hard to overcome my fear of failing…but I cannot trust myself like I trust anyone else. 11.09.97

I'm worried I'll never find somewhere to live where I can get a decent night's sleep.

I worry that I can't make something wonderful happen in my life in the next tree months. Anyway, I've got a chance to change my star, which many people don't.

I worry that my new business venture will fail.

I am worried about what can be wrong with my foot is has been painful for months and no one can explain why.

I worry I am not good enough at my job. I feel stressed very easily and wish I was more organised.

I worry that my relationship with my husband is breaking down.


WORRIES from Artnaos

I worry about lots of things (privately not publicly – I may appear calmer than I am!). At the moment my biggest worry is that my wife might soon lose her job.

We worry about you getting well Gary and we are very proud of you – we worry.

I worry about how things will get better for everyone and how the human race is spiralling into chaos! I worry about my parents growing old, without having had enough happiness.

When will our lives be better?

Does he still see her?

I hope mky son has a good life better than mine.

Really behind on my administration going to get sacked!