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I am meeting with some of the artists and poets who I collaborated with in The Little Museum of Ludlow a few weeks ago as part of a performative event The Paradox of Order  http://www.paradox-of-order.com/

So tonight I’m reflecting on what I experienced and the questions this experience is bringing to my practice. Teresa Albor who originated the process focused part of her documentation of objects around the visual recording of objects with a museum type tag attached to them and objects held in the hand of their owners or finders. I would like to consider potential meanings of these actions and images and they prompt me to ask the questions:

To what extent do I need or wish to interpret objects in material terms (using drawing, painting and installation as in previous work)?

Does the act of performing with the objects and recording these actions satisfy / develop my line of inquiry about our relationship with objects?(beyond drawing etc)

Images showing my hands engaged with the objects and creating drawn lines around the objects resonate with me – I would like to explore these actions further. I’m interested too in the  introduction of the label  – attached to the object as an archival process –  and the relationship it creates – object – label. The label seems to hold a powerful influence over our understanding of the object. The object – label – hand connection suggests further meanings for consideration.