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What space would you forge if given the opportunity to create an area dedicated to you and your work?


Our space: The Shadow Room

Our space making materials:

500 sheets of A4 paper

2 rolls of dressmaker’s paper

1 skein of red wool


Our space making tools:

6 hands

3 sets of eyes

2 and a half packets of elephant gum

2 rolls of masking tape

1 ladder


The space:






It is constant activity but in a frame that becomes hyper-sensitive and protracts time. It is independent yet infinitely embodied and sensuous; an embryonic space feeding off of and into the wider exhibition and activity of the outer room. The inner shell, the inner thoughts, the inner workings of our minds flow forth and make present what is absent, or absent what is present. The palpable silhouettes reach through the surface of the walls; tactile, vivid but fleeting. Liminality reigns forthwith, deep slumbers ensue, dreams are share and futures forged.