I am going to attempt to document my experiences as an anonymous artist balancing an art career, job, and life. Mostly reference my running of 'Organisation X' and my balancing of a less than exiting life.

The reason for being anonymous, to allow myself to write as I should, rather than as I feel I should write, with no resonance over my name.


My last few days of freedom for the time being to work on 'Organisation X' have drawn to a close until after Christmas, as tommorow brings back the 9 to 5 monotony in the gallery of doom I would prefer not to work in.

I have had a productive few days on the whole part, finishing 90% of the admin and other work to tie up the end of the last 'Organisation X' project, then the new year will bring a new fresh faced approach to many new projects we have up our sleeves. Although I doubt every thing will be quite finished by January 1st.

My own work has suffered some what by running 'Organisation X' as I seem to be consumed by other project work and my practice seems to slip into last priority. I have spoken to others in similar positions (running organisations) before and they elude to the same compromise. With any luck a new years resolution will bring a new way of working, and hopfully a new job … oh what it would be like to afford to be completely self employed!!


Here beings my second ever post

This week started quite slowly with little motivation to do any work, with things like Christmas and doing the laundry getting in the way! However the end of the week has reared its ugly head and I seem to have accomplished more than expected.

‘Organisation X’ of which I co-direct just finished a project recently and I have spent the rear end of the week catching up on admin and tying up loose ends. We have still to be paid by one of our funders which brings a whole new set of delightful scenarios for the coming week, that and attempting to get the deposit back from my old studio !!

Still it’s the time of year when family is more important than ever and questioning your decisions to live in a more vibrant art community than that of your family’s aging community are constantly questioned. As obvious as it is that you can run an organisation and be a practicing artist where ever you like, its not quite as comfortable in a small cul-de-sac in the North, although admittedly it does work for some.


The first thing I have become aware of by starting this blog is my own pomposity, it must take a very vane artist indeed to hide behind a cloak of obscurity to write a less than trivial and utterly frivolous blog. That is of course not to undermine other bloggers but only to comment on my own shadow of words.

Of course I could list some of the great cloak and dagger artists of our times, with pseudonyms as their weapon of choice, but there would be no point, I do not pretend to be great, my intention is merely to project my thoughts onto the page and undoubtedly whinge along the way.

So here it begins!!

Today I committed my self to a studio for another year (daft time of year to be sorting out studios with all those Christmas antics, bloody cold too) I always seem to gamble with this option, especially when I seem to spend most of my time sat at home waiting for insparation to set foot inside the studios, never the less the show must go on ……