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What I love about art blogging is the freedom within the form. If readers look back on my posts they will find a complete collage of thoughts and images – I come at this space from whatever angle I happen to find myself. Now that is a joy.

Barcelona in a Bag will be taking a break for a few weeks over the Summer. It’s hard to break off when there’s so much work to be done and the feeling that I’m close to the source of something – but there is immense value in standing back and allowing the unconscious mind to process this feeling, cast light on it and suggest the way forward on my return.

In the meantime I’m leaving this last experimental video with footage taken in the studio on my iPhone. Passage it’s called, and it has a sense of journey. That’s all I can say.


Have a wonderful Summer and thank you for reading Barcelona in a Bag.



Had to be a Reason is a poetic video response to Literature or Life – a book by Spanish exile Jorge Semprúm on his internment in Buchenwald, which has already inspired two recent blogs on Barcelona in a Bag. This is a video meditation fusing word and image both experimental and indicative of new directions in writing and making.