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Hours drift away while I read about Berlin and shuffle all the brochures and listings. Planning to go out means studying the map and then the transportation system map. This takes a lot of time, but once I actually do get out at least I know where I'm going. Social guilt means I get up earlier in the mornings, even though I stay up late reading, writing, putting up some paper on the walls.

The episodic nature of time and experience has been influenced by the email phenomena. I get vast amounts of junk emails. Every day there are between twenty-five and thirty-five emails in the Bulk folder. I delete them all without looking, but the ones that irritate me are the ones that slip through and I think well maybe that might be from someone I know. Then immediately delete it because no, it's not. Today I finally have got going and worked steadily in the studio. Overcome by email ephemera, I try to draw something that at least is a real mark and not just restlessness. It is the steely seriousness of the German mind that I'm hitting up against.


A great day at the Hamburger Hof Museum of 21st Century Art with its' monumental Anselm Keifer installations, huge Richard Long Slate Circle and such a large exhibition of ‘Beyond Cinema: The Art of Projection', that I have to go back to see the Felix Gonzales-Torres and Beuys that I missed. Warhol's ‘Knives', 1981-82 looks terrific as does his ‘Sickle and Hammer'. Upstairs, coupled with a Marcel Broodthaler exhibition of ‘Le Corbeau et Le Renard', a series by Arnold Dreyblatt, ‘Ephemeral Epygrahica', digital papyrus translations printed in transparent layers over each other, so that they appear and disappear, from concept to execution are remarkable.