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Construction Project Day #5

Moving away from circular bulbs for the day and instead I concentrated on strip lights. My natural inclination was to hang them from the ceiling in different configurations in order to find out and test which colour arrangements had the most affect on the surrounding area.

I laid mirrored disc’s underneath the hanging bulbs to increase the volume of light produced and also to reflect each lamp (I used one mirror for each bulb – laying it directly under the vertical sticklight).

I thought it was important to gather the cables together instead of allowing them to hang individually and in a more random fashion. I think formally the overall ‘structure’ feels more finished this way. I considered letting them hang loose, but after trying it I decided a more deliberate and neatly arranged gathering of wires felt more me. The sporadic formation of the bulbs (different heights and spaces between) juxtaposed wonderfully with the neatly tires cables.

I climbed under the work, laid on the floor to take an image of what it would be like if the ceiling was taller and the lights were to hang above viewers heads.

Finally, I thought about different reflective surfaces to place directly under the light arrangement. The below image illustrates a brushed aluminium sheet (50cm x 60cm approx.). I prefer this to the mirrors as it references the surrounding space in a more subtle way. Ideally I would like to cover the entire floor with a material like this and increase the scale of the whole work – including adding more hanging bulbs.