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Construction Project Day #24

Singular tone flat/panels were the order for today.

I paired a sheet of coloured board with a shard of painted 4mm acrylic. The contrast in surface, texture and opacity were delightful (even if I do say so myself).

I like that from the images you can not tell how big the boards are, they could be any size. This gives me room to experiment with the idea for future projects/works.

I would like to run through the whole spectrum, these three shades are just a tester. I would also be interested in pairing complementary colours together. e.g a red board with a green shard or acrylic, etc.

The juxtaposition between the neat and precisely cut board next to the organic and sporadic shapes of the plastic work in contrast with each other.

These works are, for me, sculptural. Even thought they are 2D, perhaps you would call them paintings, I see them as models for 3D works or illusions of what sculptures could become of them.

I must admit using paint is rather nice. What is happening to me???