The Farningham Hobby Horse Project goes into the Kaliedoscope Gallery on Tuesday. Its been a bit mad really – getting stands made, painting them, gaffa taping them, getting vinyls made, putting up posters…….Ros Barker and I seem to have been doing something for this project every day for weeks and weeks.

Last night I started phoning the villagers who made the horses, reminding them that they can have their photos taken with their horse for the village historical archive and maybe for a book. Everyone was so lovely. Suddenly the project and I were reunited again in my frazzled brain and I was really proud of it.

Can’t wait for Saturday 17th now. Its going to be fun.

The rest of the day was spent finishing a proposal for Telling Stories: Hastings.

Part of this was me trying to photograph a bell – jar. Bonkers. The images you see are taken from about a hundred. Not only that but the bell jar and I were to be seen everywhere from the garden to hiding behind the kitchen curtain in an attempt to cut the reflections………..getting crosser and crosser as the 5pm deadline loomed closer…

The bell jar work is part of an ongoing narrative offered as a memorial to my family lost in the Holocaust.

In my mind the work links to my family history of religious persecution by various sovereign states and the wasps can be read as sinister or benign, as guardians or aggressors of the family home. I have called it Homeland Security.

A great exhibition which follows on from the very successful Telling Stories: Margate . It will be in the Hastings Museum and Art Gallery which just up my museum style presentations street.

Fingers crossed.


Hmm…..just can’t find the time for this. It feels like one thing too many, but I really don’t want to give it up.

Lots has happened. I have been incredibly, stupidly busy but in the middle of all the admin I have found the time to see things in media outside my usual sphere. The images are crystal clear- they are really staying with me.

Three days in Groningen in Holland – a huge exhibition by Azzedine Alaia. True haute couture – he draws, cuts and sews himself. Ten years work of unbelievable craftsmanship and beauty.

Then Late at Tate to see the English National Ballet perform new ballets choreographed to reflect the Picasso in Britain exhibition. Breathtaking. Performed in the Duval Galleries. We got there 40 mins early and were five rows back – with the crowd behind us stretching right back to the front door. How lucky was that?

The photos tell it all really.

I am making a pact with myself to step outside the art world more and let some other art forms wash over me.

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