Work on the solo show rumbles on…I picked up my big piece from the framers today. Problem. It’s a three frame tryptich within an oak frame. The outer frame isn’t substantial enough so that it is twisting….

Why is nothing ever easy? If it was a canvas I would cross brace it, but there is nothing substantial enough to drill and fix to. So – back I will go with it and see if I can organise a heavier oak frame. Such a pain.

Partly my fault because I am inexperienced in frames; most of my work being 3D, and partly the framer I guess for not giving better advice.

Postcards have arrived. I am not sure what part they play today..I e-mail all my Private View invites with few exceptions – postage is so expensive. The Foundation running the gallery ask that their exhibiting artists pay towards the postcards and then give them 150. I shall be giving them back I think to be offered from there….seems utterly daft.

I now feel the need to do two more works…..why?!

Three weeks to go that’s why! Just to make sure my brain is well and truly fried.

Onward and upward for the Hastings show…which isn’t until September… but the organisational stuff seems guaranteed to get in the way of my June show! They seemed a long way apart when I agreed to do it.

I spent the day sizing images, finding sizes, wrestling with 150 words to represent myself, my work and my ethos in the catalogue.

Just the hardest job I think – statements of any sort.

Now I just have to work out how to upload them all in the group Dropbox…no obvious upload mechanism, but one of the group has achieved it – so it must be possible.

I will re- examine in the morning light; when my psyche is less inclined towards techno melt down.

Beginning to feel like my bus shelter ….


Glorious sunny day. Could feel myself unfolding in the warmth. Been miserable for far too long.

Trip down to Brighton to meet with a friend in Fabrica and then because Brighton now charges £4.00 an hour parking scarped to the marina where parking is free.

Here to see the Lone Twin project boat that our Farningham Hobby Horse Project donated one of our horses to earlier in the year..

Now part of their fabulous marquetry ….

Greg Wheelan – one of the Lone Twin artists was endlessly patient and chatty although he must be having much the same conversations with everyone on an hourly basis.

Childishly excited to see our donation photo and storyline in their beautifully produced book.

I am offering to volunteer for them when the boat docks at Margate where it will be out of the water on the Harbour Arm.

Think I may be a groupie………..

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Yesterday spent wandering Hastings looking around the town with an eye to a venue for a metal Q Code – part of our guerilla campaign to raise awareness of our September ‘Telling Stories: Hastings’ show.

Found what I thought was a great place, but with some obvious ‘Can I put it here?’ problems and then felt the need to discuss it with the Arts Officer. What a nice guy – I just turned up at the Council Offices and he was really helpful.

That, and the sun and a fresh crab sandwich, Life felt good. Now I have to ask all sorts of permissions – but what will be will be.

A Telling Stories committee meeting in the evening – in a great new place; Franks Room [opposite Hastings station] – the Snug is a perfect place to hold an art meeting. Recommended.

Always amazing how much hard work goes into a show – the more people involved the more work……..seems it should be the inverse but it never is.

The issue of my not having a smart phone is coming to the fore again ………happy to be involved and learn but have no great yearning to embrace yet more time consuming technology. May yet have to give in! No app to read a QCode on my phone….and off to Brighton tomorrow wanting to see the new Fabrica telescopes – needing a Q Code reader….


….and I joined Twitter today. More precious time….worth it? We will see.


………..needed a day to get over the Bluewater experience. After 12 hours standing on a hard marble floor talking all day we were shattered. Next day we both ached ….

A fun day though. Such a lovely project because it always makes people smile and engage. Here however with everyone on the same mission they all wanted to buy them!

can we buy them? made us smile…….
a lot of thought has gone into this………………
thank you, that was really, really nice
it was brilliant – every village should have one.
we spend so much time on the computer nowadays that its a treat to see something like this………..
so unusual……..that was an inspiration!
how amazing that one village made all this. I didn’t know places like that still existed.
Can we buy them?

So – all 140 horses back in my partner Ros’s spare bathroom and I must turn back to this solo show lark……….before its too late.


busy here…and fun..

…our Farningham Hobby Horse project was featured when the Lone Twin Olympic boat project launched and was on all the news bulletins. One of the wooden donations from which the boat was fashioned was ours. Centre starboard= our horse head.

Then a corporate meeting with Bluewater shopping center to ascertain if we could show the Farningham Hobby Horses there.

Agreement – amazing…due to a lot of hard work on our behalf by someone else we have been awarded the most pretigious venue – outside Marks and Spencers. 10am – 9pm . Will be a very long day.

The project is in its last days now. Horses will go back to their makers in June. I will be glad. A year is a long time to travel a project and for Ros Barker and I it is time to focus on new things.

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