Up to London today to the OPEN at Bankside gallery. Our lovely friend Dawn Cole had one of her beautiful pieces in the show so a printer friend and I made a day of it.

Not over enthused…Dawn’s piece looked wonderful, but the show seemed all rather safe and sound to me but then I am not a printer – so although the technicals are on the radar for me I am no expert.

Personally I find the work in Margate’s Pushing Print more my thing. Conceptual and exciting. Gets better each year.

Did get to the Tate Turbine Hall where Tino Seghal has an installation of people performing in the space. Interesting choreography from above – could be overwhelming if below – I watched one family with a pushchair enveloped as they walked…..

Also took time out to look at the Tate’s new Tank performance spaces. All had to be entered through a pitch black corridor – not my forte, so I only ventured into one. They do feel as if they will become a very original and much loved London space.

Loads happening on the South Bank – including a green colander installation outside the Hayward Gallery [Korean artist Choi Jeong Hwa] and a baobab sculpture lurking down a side road.

Got home and looked on Google to find I had missed a whole mass of work. All part of the Southbank Centre’s Festival of the World.

Was however very tempted by the multi coloured sand pit.

Some great Olympic graffiti around.


Hello blog!

Been a while.

The solo show feels a long time ago – except for my work being in all the wrong places and detrtus all over the house and studio. Some great feedback but no work directly so far.

Am in the process of writing a proposal for a great local gallery within a museum. Have wanted to work there for a while. Recently they have tightened up their criteria in line with the new Arts Council Funding interest in museums. When I first saw it I was disappointed that I hadn’t applied before, but I now think it actually helps having tighter boundaries.

I have developed a fascination with Princess Ennigaldi who fashioned the worlds first known museum in the kingdom of Ur around 530 BC. Her museum labels were cylindrical seals……..brilliant. I feel there is something there that will simmer for a while….

Since the last blog:

My QCode is up on the Hastings seafront as part of the ‘Telling Stories: Hastings’ guerilla art project to advertise the show. Need to find time to go and see it now….http://tellingstories.info/home/telling-stories-off-the-wall

I got the TS catalogue proof through. Its the first time I have been in a quality catalogue. Looks amazing.

Ros and I have been invited to a very grown up reception on the back of the Hobby Horse Project and the fact we run Sevenoaks Art Forum unpaid.I will report back.

Looking forward to going to Whitstable for a celebration of the Kent Cultural Baton project. Will be a chance to meet all the other artists and see the final map with our project on it.

Have just come back from Fowell Hall Features V. An artists residency run by Accident and Emergence in a beautiful Kent orchard. My fourth time. Still floating… such a great weekend. Poets, writers, performance, artists…workshops, crits and connections. Nowhere like it.


Sevenoaks Art Forum has been asked to host an Arts Council funded talk by Jon Adams- lead artist for Accentuate – fascinating work. So good to see something you started because there was nothing locally growing up and being appreciated.

so – all good. Need to sort out my website next.

PS Go to soundcloud and search out the poetry of Indigo Williams. We met at Fowell Hall. What a talent.