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My last post saying i was back on track must have tempted the Fates. Yesterday I learnt that all the artists in my studios are to be evicted. Four weeks to get out and find somewhere else to put all my paints and my carefully chosen paper, my bones and stones and postcards and clippings, my plinths and boxes, my framed work, my canvases, my ‘I might get round to it’ bits and pieces that only I would understand….

Makes me want to drive to Gatwick and get on a plane to the sun. And not bother coming back.

I refuse to be parted from my beautiful old plans chest. I waited so long for one. Only proper artists have a plans chest… and I do.

I think it and I will have to take refuge in a Big Yellow store box. I shall be the first Big Yellow artist in residence….or maybe I wouldn’t be? Love the idea. Can I arrange it in four weeks?

Went to the Electron Studios in Hastings to drown my sorrows by helping Tina Brown put up her installation piece ‘Excavating Babel’. Its huge. More to be done tomorrow…

Loved handling the books and watching it grow. I had no idea all the sizes had to fit and that each book was numbered. I am ashamed to say that when it was at Pushing Print I didn’t look properly. All sorts of things to find.

Exhibition is part of Telling Stories which I am involved with. Good to meet up with new friends….

Tomorrow I am phoning a London studio block about half an hour away . Can I afford it is the big question, followed by how often will I go that far? Excited by the idea though, so maybe it was time for a new vista from the studio window?