Most of the books can sit flat to the floor unassisted but I think I may have to blue tack the others to make sure they don’t close. I’ve got to take a trip to the charity shop to buy more books, I’m down to my last two now. My book shelves are almost bare, only kids, art and geography books left!

The books are closed for transporting which also makes them very easy to store, but the pages need to be individually seperated for displaying as they group together once the book is closed. It’s not a major problem but it’s a time consuming process. Luckily it’s an easy job and I’ll have my husband with me to help. Although he doesn’t know yet, he’s driving me there so I’ll break it to him on the journey!


I’ve worked almost solid on the books all week, well besides going to work, going to college, cooking for the kids, washing, ironing etc. Honestly though I’ve put in so many hours over the last week my hands hurt from cutting. The books nearly fill a big ikea bag now!

As the exhibition gets closer I’m feeling more and more nervous about the whole thing. I suppose it’s because I’m not sure how to display the work still and probably won’t until I get to the space. I haven’t seen all the work layed out together either as I only have a small living room, so I’m not sure how many more I need to cut. I may just keep cutting right up to delivering it now.

Also I thought I’d be travelling down with my friend who is exhibiting in the show too, but I have to travel down the night before her which isn’t actually a problem but makes me feel unsure because she won’t be there to reasure me that I’m making the most of my work when I’m setting up.

I’m most worried though because I have to leave my son. He had to go to the doctors today because his asthma has come back, in nearly four years he’s only had one flare up. I thought he’d grown out of it, but he’s back to having inhalers for six months and the poor love has a chest infection as well. I know he’s in capable hands being with my Mum but I’m still going to worry. There’s always something isn’t there?


I had an email off Amy today saying The show at CoExist Arts is going to be called ‘Set Of Odd Volumes’ http://www.coexist.org.uk/next.html

I managed two books yesterday, so I’m defiantly on track now.

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I wasn’t sure if the books were going to be shown on the floor or were going to be wall mounted, but they’re definitely going to be on the floor. So today I’ve been playing around with different ways they could work together as an installation.

I’m not going to plan to far ahead because I think until I’m in the space I can’t get a feel for how it should be. Saying that… they look best at slightly different heights. I don’t want them on plinths though and they only need to vary slightly in height. I don’t want them to be at eye level, I think it’s nice that you have to crouch down to take a proper look.


I’ve ran out of books that I’ve read. I was going to buy some from the charity shop but I feel like it’s cheating if they’re in good nick and if I haven’t read it and finished with it.