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Focus on Ceramics

Down in the ceramics department things are getting quite busy.

This week Ashley was continuing with his two coil built figures and was then starting on a new piece relating to his theme of mother and child.

Katie was going ‘potty’ – tea potty that is! She was constructing a decorative piece that will be part of her overall room design.

Becky was continuing to construct her very expressive sculptural figures and also waiting apprehensively for the glaze firing of her largest piece to date.

Nazmeen was busy with a Raku firing – and has got some lovely ‘jewel like’ results which I am sure will look superb in her final piece.

David was having yet another battle with his porcelain sheets. I have to admire his persistence!

I was wrestling with the screenprinting process – yet again! Just when you think it is behaving itself, yet another glitch comes to light, but still, I managed to get a couple of larger pieces constructed and one is in a bisque firing over the weekend.

Our technician, Mike, had a busy week too as first one and then a second of the stoneware kilns decided to throw an element – one of them taking some of the bricks with it.

So – all in all, a fairly normal week ‘down in the cellar’!

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We are now into the final push for the Degree show at Bradford College. 47 days and counting!

We are all working hard with the fundraising for the show catalogue and the final decisions on formatting. The Cake Sale this week went down well and Scott seems determined to raise enough money to inflict some serious pain on himself!!

All of the studio’s are busy, though there are some students that I never seem to see – some of them because they are working hard at home – but mostly because I am spending all my time ‘down in the basement’ in the ceramics studio.

I’ve just about finished putting our website together now. Everyone seems really happy with it & hopefully we should be getting some links to the College ones soon. It is nice to see everyone’s work all together there – makes me realise just what a varied and talented bunch we have here!