Despite my lucky 3 leaf clover it teamed with rain. Rain I wished for over the summer to swell the vegetables arrived today. Plans turned back to front – we worked inside on the kitchen table, printed leaves, made invitations for ‘allotmenta’, the Open Day – our last event became our first.

We had a drawing lesson – drew nasturtiums picked from the allotment yesterday. Five things I noticed: 1. Ridges on the old runner bean reminded me of ridges left by the sea on sand. 2. Hollyhock leaf had 13 little round holes in it. 3. Nasturtium flowers have a pointed tail running down behind. 4. The veins on nasturtium leaves join up and form small five-sided figures. 5. Snails eat curly jack leaves between the veins, leaving a lacy pattern.


Two Artists in Residence on an Allotment – Day 1 – Rain, rain, rain.

London and Southeast England: Cloudy, with a little more rain or drizzle for most. This Evening and Tonight: Cloudy skies generally, with outbreaks of drizzle and mainly light rain. Low cloud will give mist and fog over the hills but it will be mild.Tuesday: A good deal of cloud, with a little light rain or drizzle in places. A few brighter spells may develop here and there in the afternoon.Outlook for Wednesday to Friday: Mostly cloudy again on Wednesday, with some rain likely later. Cloud and patchy rain slowly clearing during Thursday. Mainly fine on Friday.

Despite the weather today I collected leaves from the allotment and we made:

over 50 prints

some drawings

tea and coffee

some wet puddles on the floor