Something I’ve wanted to do for a while is to get more physical with my work – to get away from digital and to create something with my hands. So as part of my Breaking Pictures series I thought it would be fun to take some actual, real-world photographs and subject them to some physical abuse.

Domestic bleach dropped onto a photograph. There’s something a little disturbing applying bleach to a face -and this was the only portrait I tried this on.

The others I felt were a lot more successful. They are photographs taken on a former weapons testing site that’s now derelict and being reclaimed as a nature reserve. The aggressive act of the bleach fits well with the subject matter and make for a better series of images.


I’ve recently completed a residency at the Shape Gallery in Stratford and it was a great opportunity to try out some new ideas. I set up with a mini studio for taking portraits, a flat-bed scanner for scanning hands, a laptop for “breaking” digital images and a work area for me to drop and drag bleach across photographic prints.

Over the three days I was able to add new work to the gallery wall. That’s Robot Santa on the left.