Whilst on the delegation we had many amazing meetings/visits and convocations with organisation like; Aurora, OFFBIENNALE, FKSE, Tranzit, AQB and Art Factory so needed an easy way of processing all this information.

On the way home from Budapest I worked on these images to act as a flow chart to document words that came up multiple times through out the trip, I see these images becoming like research notes for further reflective research post-delegation. The images were influenced by various signs on the trains and in the studios/public spaces and baths in budapest.




The words used;

Resilience, Fatigue, Dialogue, Pressure, Warm and welcoming, Support and Take action.

Some of the words have resonated with me and was taken back by the ambition and resilience of organisations like the OFFBIENNALE and Aurora in such challenging conditions. It was interesting to hear how all the organisations had found alternative funding support thats independent to state funding. Some of these alternatives still come with restrictions often meaning the artists/organisations have to tailor there practice to collectors tastes but find this far less problematic than the state funding. These restrictions on an artist practice created a interesting dialogues about how funding streams affect an artist practice and how we can diversify the way we support our practice and become independent of these restrictions.