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The best part of the trip was the intensity of traveling as part of a group and the discussions that happened around the planned delegation meetings and visits. Each of the delegation had a very particular project or interest that they were developing and there were some interesting commonalities between these included sustainability, community impact and representation, and international network. I felt really inspired by each of the group’s practice and over the course of 8 days we were able to explore these in much greater depth than you are normally able to. Weblinks and that, here.

The slow travel methods which took us via London to Brussels, then Frankfurt to Munich and finally by sleeper train to Budapest, giving us plenty of time to start and conclude these conversations. Formal activities like discussions, or readings, helped us draw out the common interests between us and enabled us to fast track an understanding of each other’s work which could be further explored during the trip. On the train journey back we were less enthusiastic, but Jane persisted with a discussion and mind-map on our main take aways from the trip. Work swallowed me whole the day after the trip so I doubt I would be have had the opportunity to distill these thoughts in quite the same way had I not been cajoled into writing them down (thanks Jane!)