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I have been reading Grayson Perry’s ‘Playing To The Gallery’ which is fascinating reading, there is a whole science to selling work and being part of a ‘scene’.

By being more lucrative and proactive in getting custom, that will be vital to my survival as an artist.

However at the moment I need some steady income and this will be imperative to implement as soon as possible, I have tried so many times so many interviews. Just to pay the bills and work in a professional environment will be positive for me and I am totally enthused about work.

The past year has been tough and my ill health has been integral to my inability to work through what I had to do last year. It is hard to manage mental ill health, my ailments with my knees, finger, blood clotting disorder and my neurological condition under investigation. It is surprising how many people who suffer with sleep paralysis and have not known what it is.

It is tough being disabled, seriously tough and my book I am writing, ‘How Benefit Gal Works’ will be something which will enlighten and create an interesting point of view other than the nosey cameras of ‘Benefit Street’ it is a struggle, and I would not be where I am now, a better place had I not had benefits. My blog howbenefitgalworks can be followed on tumblr.

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