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Well I made my target date of being in my new studio by the end of August, we put up guttering over the weekend and I got my water supply sorted. As piping in water and sewage was out of the question due to cost, I ordered 2 10 litre plastic water cans and have an assortment of buckets for dirty water. As my goal is to do a lot of work with plaster and concrete I’m hoping this will be a viable solution.

I’ll have to work awhile in my new space to see how light and air movements effect my layout but based on my previous studio set-ups this is feeling right. It was a lot of money up front, took almost 8 months from initial plan to being ready to sit down and make some work, but I am ready!  I could happily hang-out and work here until I’m 80 when my career as a woman artist may take off!