Observing and recording the everyday, the landscape changing constantly, my journeys through each day present new experiences for me to note and capture: moving images; macro images; moments in time. All inspiring me to reiterate through my work, using video, photograpy, painting and print.


A stimulating few days spent at Porthmeor Studios in St Ives exploring ‘chance into abstraction’

Out of the comfort zone and free to take a chance approach to composition and use of colour (for me) was liberating to say the least.

Using ink on newsprint to start the process, quick mark making with as little thought as possible to the outcomes produced some interesting images.

Tear and scatter the paper, rip into squares and randomly re arrange – no cheating by shuffling the pieces into line or colour pairings.

Using these random outcomes to feed into the next stage.

Now on the studio wall waiting to inspire new works……………


Open Day at Digswell Arts Trust Studios Digswell Herts AL6 0BU

Sunday May 5th 2013


The Digswell Arts Trust is an innovative charity that for over fifty years has focused on artists in the early phase of their careers. Through our studios in Letchworth, Stevenage and Welwyn, we provide studios for approximately forty emerging artists, whom we call Fellows.

But we’re not just a studio provider; we are an incubation platform for emerging artists. The first years of attempting to make a living from their art are challenging, and often involve developing a wider set of skills outside of their art practice. In addition, their art practice must also continue to develop.
Digswell Fellows experience a collaborative and supporting environment that offers for a three – five year period, the space to experiment and innovate within a creative community of other Fellows that are developing both their art practice and their wider commercial skills.

The Digswell Arts Trust has a long tradition of artists working in the community, derived from the early vision of our founder, the educationalist Henry Morris, who believed passionately in art for people, and maintained that artists were vital for the well-being of society.

The Trust has a committed administration, that both cares and understands how artists minds work. We strive to maintain the correct balance between the expectations of what Fellows have committed to do and understanding that occasionally individuals may need time to flourish.

for more information about The Trust -visit:http://digswellartstrust.com/studios/