Viewing single post of blog Cerbyd – an odyssey across the valleys

(Tom as narrator)

We set off down winding roads and I am aware that very soon we will have to go back to normality. In fact, it will be sooner than the group think, as I’ve arranged for Mike & Sara to put us up for the night. They have kindly offered, in a good ol’ fashioned community spirit kind of way, to cook us a hearty meal and give us beds for the night.

As we approach the Old Mill in Llandysul, I smile to myself knowing the warm welcome the group will receive and deserve. The warmth and comfort of the house for a time seems alien but Cerbyd soon get used to it. The food is excellent and is quickly and gratefully devoured by all. The group is extremely tired from the exertions of the past week and after having a few thimbles to drink retires. The Cerbyd rebels, of whom I am one, decide that sleeping with a roof over our heads will compromise our experience so we head out to the yurt to drink a little more and sleep.

The night is punctuated by playful arguing between a rather tiddly, gin soaked Louise and Ben. I throw my ore in every now and again with Megan and Briaan playing peacekeepers. It is all well natured and a result of a long day. A young local lad going by the name of Jet becomes an honorary member of Cerbyd for the evening as we eventually all sail off to sleep but not before Jet is made to reveal who his favourite Cerbyd member is. It is Tomoko.

Louise deserts the Cerbyd rebels in the middle of the night and thankfully, we find her asleep in the comfort of the house after our search party got a little sleepy. I was particularly glad that a ferocious badger had not mauled her.