27.7.16 Yesterday Caroline Davison, the Director of Norfolk Archaeological Trust, showed us round St Benet’s Abbey (a ruined Benedictine monastery) and told us about the architectural connections between this 10th century monastery and churches with round towers found in Denmark. The Abbey was built on a mound by the River Bure in the heart of the Broads and even today is a bit inaccessible by road, but easily reached by boat. It brought home to us the importance of water as conduit for social, cultural, political and historical communication and exchange in earlier times. Caroline said that due to this Norfolk would have had closer ties with Denmark than the rest of England. Caroline has sent us some articles to read about the history of the architecture of the Abbey and a geo-physics report . She has also suggested a new contact to make with regard to the sharing of architectural design between Norfolk and Denmark. The site of St Benet’s Abbey still seems to resonate with the activity that has occurred there over the centuries, whilst maintaining an air of gravity and peace. It was wonderful to have our own guide and we would like to thank Caroline very much for the time she gave us and for making our visit so inspiring and informative.