nearly at the end of the first week, been settling in and finding my way.  taking stock of the resources available and who might be up for some collaborating – there others here with me, all with their own focuses.

this morning the unbounded nature of the residency is sitting with me.  i’m thinking here about not knowing quite how long this is going to run for so it’s difficult to make plans for what to make / how to respond within this residency.

it’s been set up very loosely so i feel i can explore and experiment to some extent.  coming into it i did explain that i have some other on going projects i need to keep feeding.  this was fine and i’ve accordingly been dividing up my time.

we got off to a flying start on monday, the short initial briefing setting up the space followed by some music to chill to…


where the residency is happening is really well stocked with resources.   the exercise options are good too.  early doors i’ve started my research along the lines of how might i use my exercise time to inform something.  to be honest i’m not to sure what i’m doing so following a gut feeling for now and see where this might lead me.

listening to the live mix has connected me to an idea i’ve started many times before yet never really resolved as the research made fizzled out due to various reasons – mainly that it didn’t light me up enough to continue with it.

in the early days of this residency the available 360 camera tweaked my interest.  i’ve continued to research and explore with it as the week went along.

with the residency being all a bit hastily put together and all that went with it i’ve been feeling a little stressed, this has affected my sleep that in turn has been affecting my stress.  doing some reading about cortisol has helped to ground me.  i’ve known about cortisol before we started this,  it was mainly to gen up and reassure myself.  the article i read cited music as a good way to help reduce cortisol levels.  cortisol is connected to the primeval fight or flight response.   just saying.

this morning while looking through some more of the resources i connected to the feeling of de motivation.  i have seen this in a few of the others within this confinement.  it’s been slow for me to feel it.  i have this morning.

so being kind and gentle on myself i am going to pursue the reawakened generative visuals idea.  the idea is very much about being holistically at one with the senses, immersing in the moment  and loosing oneself to the flow.

the residency continues.