Last year in level 5, my theme was my emotion’s through color, I produced a mind map to link up the various emotions.  I researched the color’s associated with the various emotion’s and symbolism that was associated with these emotions too.

I find putting idea’s down in a sketch book difficult as all my working out how to put the picture together in my head, and so I use the 2×2 ft. mdf boards as my sketches and in my head, I work out how to apply the paint as I am painting, so I take pictures as I go the painting at each stage.

I produced 4 large canvases, starting with the smaller 2x2ft mdf boards which I use as a form of sketching out my ideals exploring the symbol and colors associated with that emotion then progressing to the larger canvas which then became an abstract from the first sketch.

I’m using acrylic paint with talcum powder and pva glue mixed in to the color, the idea of this is to extend my paint as the talcum powder and glue mixed with water makes the paint go further as the color used doesn’t have to be much, this mix makes the paint thick and so you can have it as thick as you want. But this does give the paint a matt finish though. It also enables me to apply texture to the canvas I am working on.


With the large canvases, I used house hold paint brushes to apply the paint to canvas





Well… This is my final year… Still totally confused… Although there are still times when I feel I know what I’m doing ….I guess I’m just very worried that I’m not going to be able to get it done….In my head I have this thing or perhaps a little voice….Keep saying this is got to be done right… Which is when I get frustrated because I still feel as though I don’t know what doing.

It’s taken me seems a long time to get some words on paper for the dissertation, and I feel totally panicked because am more worried about copying other people’s words, I know that I have to read what other people have written about Mark Rothko….And so I get paranoid about what I’m writing.

As for the painting side….This is frustrating me… Because last year I knew exactly what I was doing with the canvases that I was producing… But this year I feel very frustrated because I just can’t seem to connect with the paint at all.

I had thought of attempting to do some colour field painting… And on four of the 2 x 2 boards that I had cut I have tried but it’s not working.

Because I like to add talcum powder and PVA glue to my paint as it increases the quantity of paint, I was told that it dulls the colour down so I thought that if I put the PVA glue and talcum powder into the white base paint then when I add the colour it won’t take anything away from.

I like to use texture in my painting and so I experimented with patterns with base paint which I think looked okay but when put in the colour over the top with didn’t feel like it was working, so I’ve got to go back to the drawing board so to speak.