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Connectivity VII. The short draft animation titled ‘Where is the Freedom?’

There are quadra doors at low-security units,
no escapes for the body,
but possible runaway is provided by the freedom of expression during art workshops.
I managed to compare art hour with the Singing hour that offers an opportunity to sing but not composing. The art process provides a short escape from reality with a deeply immersive experience into ‘composing’ the artwork. Many different worlds were Created through painting or clay sculptures, they take participants far away from the hospital into childhood, forest, river, seasides, fields of flowers, to the top of the pine trees, or into feelings of love and tenderness.
Our Freedom is always connected to politics, institutions, discipline, will-to-do, or will-not-to-do. It also can be seen in the act of free expression in art. The feel of ‘I can do art without any idea behind my work’ is a liberating moment.
Another aspect is connected to the ‘no judgment’; the time within art workshops was dedicated to the art without a thought about past, future, or who are students. It evokes a strong existential sense of the word ‘NOW’. I will never know, why each of my students is behind the triple doors. This fact offered freedom from judgment.