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Each week the blog will act as a resource for any notes or references mentioned during the workshop, as well as featuring at least one visual or written response from one or more of the participants.




We began by picking up on feedback models from the previous session, looking at models of feedback including those developed by Liz Lerman, Map Consortium and DAS Arts.

When moving, we were introduced to the idea of questioning, riddles and propositions to draw out new ways of moving. Joe mentioned the methods of choreographer Deborah Hay and her series of ‘What if..?’ questions posed to dancers in movement.

‘What if what I have is what I need?’

These questions are purposefully mind-bending, the intent being to engage the performer in a line of questioning that distracts from over-thinking the movements being made.

Individually, we created our own material consisting of a JUMP, a TURN, a FLOOR and a STRETCH. These short sequences were developed individually and then in groups we combined them into a sequence that consisted of difference movement qualities (fast, slow, mechanical, clumsy, heavy, light…)

Presenting these sequences to the group, we then fed back using the earlier models discussed. The point here being to think specifically about the language we use to develop movement research and what is productive to making. The intent is not to avoid criticism, but to feed back in a way that is productive when working with people.

We spoke about how this general principle can be applied across the crit culture of visual art and not just dance.



Feedback models of the Map Consortium
Choreographic questions of Deborah Hay