We have been meeting weekly since July this year (apart from Aug) and with two weeks to go till we start CC1 we are well on the way.

300 flyers and 5 posters printed and ready to be distributed locally and online. Katya has written a press release and we’ve sent it out to Sheffield Telegraph, Arts Council, Sheffield Contemporary Arts Forum, Sheffield Uni that has got an extensive mailing list and our personal mailing lists.

Chris made large cardboard leters saying CC1 and dressed in white overals we shifted them around and made a little video of it. That was great fun and we decided to repeat this little performance at the beginning of our Transmission lecture and hand out invites in envelops with sweets to raise attention to our project.

We’ve all gathered materials and bit of work we want to experiment with in our testbed. We’ve got black glass, white soap shavings, white hides, silver matting, paper shavings, big shapes in paper mache, styrofoam, etc.

Our next meeting this thursday is at CADS where we also clarify some practicalities with the venue.