i’ve been into the city centre again today to look at the shop and take some pictures of viewers of the work. i noticed the faster walking pace and less looking, even though there were considerably more people in the city centre today compared with last tuesday.

working within this collaborative partnership is starting to have personal benefits. playing with designing the website has got me considering a site for my own practice.

through being involved in the collaboration, i’m beginning to realise that my documentation practice has a place again too.


at last ! we get to achieve something we wanted to do. five paintings into an empty shop. a simple objective on paper. in reality a lot harder than i would have imagined. chris has worked really hard and it’s a credit to her that this first realisation of an intention to display work in an empty shop has happened.

and i have to say that i feel alice keel’s work is spot on for our first realisation.

the documentation of the work in situ is challenging because of the nature of the behind glass ness of the process. for me the documentation allows for playful intervention with the surrounding environment.

i’m also getting to play with maintaining a website. i foresee the site evolving as a piece of work in itself. we’ve gone it alone in terms of web creation, using a host package to make and upload the pages.

we have a facebook page also. if you have a facebook account please add us as a friend so you can keep up to date with our event intentions. both the website and facebook now have the first pictures of alice kell’s work in the cornmarket in derby.

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