i came to this place last week very paniced and slightly running around waving my arms in the stlye of the international distress signal. the combination of very low biorhythms and an influx of data rather tipping me over the edge. it happens and i feel much better today.

it’s been noted that the submissions we’ve had this year are much larger than the previous year. maybe this is a sign of growing confidence in those who are submitting. for me last week it presented quite a problem as we’re intending to display in retail outlets where we’ve learnt that space is a premium. it rather suggests that we have to up our strategy about the proposition we have for those shops we wish to take part.

having run my panic out i’ve applied myself to find a way to look at the data that leaves me feeling inspired. i think i’ve done that and already i’m starting to see new connections and new opportunitities.

i’ve had to ask for a few images to be resent. it’s interesting to note that i’m in a process of getting to know the works that we have to work with.

i am much more optimistic and inspired today.


we’ve reached the end of the call out period.

i feel nervous and scared about the next phase. i don’t know why. i have to wait to speak to the rest of the team.

i’m aware i’m sharing my angst.