we’re preparing a new homepage for the root of our domain … and so i get ready to say chin chin to our retiring design.

seems rather a poor send off. .. … ….

but what else can i say ?

you’ve been great but now we’re needing to say more and present more. we’ve got funders logos to show (including the artists information company) and thanks to be made. we need a calendar that keeps up to date with what we’re doing and a news section where new things can be applauded.

we’ve got a need for better seo and rotating testimonials from artists we’ve done stuff with.

i think also we need to show who the core members of the group are with a brief over view and a link to their own practice websites.

i am of course mindful of the discussion i heard during the granted session in february. the discussion was about doing too much. i see now that outside of a funded period one does alomost everythign that one needs to do admin wise and the point that was being made in the session to do with funded periods was one should not be doing everything as the model used by the funders shows tasks being completed by specific personel and the funders want you to follow their lead.

so for now, i remain the master of all i survey.