part of the research before making the #goandseebursary visit to grizedale was to familiarise ourselves with grizedale through their archive website.

it’s the result of a phd research made by edwina fitzpatrick.

today i’ve emailed with edwina with some thoughts and reflections about grizedale, it’ll be great to hear something back, i didn’t however ask any specific questions, more like observations that i’m testing the water with edwina about.

it’s becoming important to create the review of the the visit, not only so it’s neatly rounded off but also to make space to begin the online presence of the art walk project and to start making plans for that.

i expect i’ll write the review with both the visit and the project next may in mind.


the visit to grizedale evoked so much energy in me. somehow i’d like to recreate that in the park in belper for others to experience and enjoy.



my reflective process of the #goandseebursary has gained some form

completed storify timeline of the main part of the visit
write and thank the curator of the arts development team at the forestry commission
write more blog posts
compose review and collaborate with chris on it’s final form
publish the review.


so far it’s going well … upto the “write more blog posts” part.

i published the storify timeline this morning. the process of putting it all together is one i very much enjoyed and would certainly recommend considering it for any kind of project.  the storify time line is available to view at


having published it i moved straight onto emailing the curator.   that was a good thing to do as it connected me to some of the sources of emotion that i felt while in the forest at grizedale.


another highlight  of the go and see bursary  were –  the sporning of thoughts – leading to spoken words – leading to examination of the meaning of those words. we had so many discussions about where we were, what we saw and what we aspire to do with the art walk project next may.



i’ve also updated the image of this blog. for the record it’s this image

it’s a photograph of 17 degrees south by linda watson (1997) with chris gray.


you’ll see in the storify timeline that we interacted with some of the sculptures.  i’ve reflected about this and have concluded that we were able to interact as they are in the landscape and the landscape is within them.


i’m still processing the information we aquired through conversation with the proprietors of the b&b we stayed in about bill grant and his influence at grizedale to introdce sculpture into the forest….




in order to prepare my review i’m processing the images, words and sounds collected while at grizedale.

i’d not preplanned to make recordings at grizedale while we were there. sometime before lunch we were walking along a gravel path and i became aware of how our steps were going in and out of time.  i grabbed my ipod touch and went into record.

i’ve been poor at maintaining my ipod’s microphone port, and have learnt that it can get jammed with fluff. as a result, my grizedale recording is somewhat different than i had hoped for.

so instead of including the straight sound file i find myself in the throws or recreating the intensity i felt while at grizedale within a short sonic work.  very unexpected.


i’ve made a start today with storify.  to do so i’ve reconnected with my flickr account and created one for pinterest and instagram.

i’ve denied myself these pleasures up to now(the uploading of images on the fly) as i was somwhat aware of how me adding to the need for mass storage was setting up a need for more electrical energy to access it and keep it cool. i’m afraid i’ve succumbed to the opportunity and will now try and have some fun with the platforms. after all how long can i go on dening to myself that i like to take photographs for plesure and i can share them with the world.

my stomach continues to be a pain.  i wonder if there is any coincidence that the yellow chakra is related to identity and confidence.


my tasks now remain to upload images to include into the storify collection of our visit to grizedale, which will include the sonic work, write to our contact at grizedale and then write an objective review of the whole experience.

i need to search the a n site for where the review section is ….


today i’m going to try and form my experience at grizedale into something.

i am still having waves of emotion when thinking about last weekend.  something about the visit has connected to me at a very personal level and i’m still unsure what it is.

we’ve watched the iplayer programme about the four seasons paintings by rothco. the timing of the bbc broadcasting a season about abstract art seems is good for me.

into my day i go …


we made our go and see visit.

we got back yesterday.

today i still feel waves of emotion coming over me.  grizedale had an unexpected impact on me …

today i’m flavouring the memories of the satruday and the sunday. quite different.

before we went i attempted to find out about the history of how grizedale sculpture came about and evolved.  in our last conversation with the couple whose bed and breakfast we stayed in, we discovered a lot about the origins and how the sculptures have evolved.

it’s knowing the history combining with the experience of saturday that today is generating the waves of emotion.

it is my intention to compose a review of the go and see bursary. i need to do that when i feel level.

between you and me i wish i could exlpain better to you what’s happening for me.  it’s complex and interwoven. trying ot unpack it into a post ….

this morning i drew something.

and that’s been a revelation too … the abstract art collection on the bbc. for ages i felt i’ve been missing something …

am i making sense ?


i don;t think i am …


time for lunch and some more contemplation.  i’m toying with using storify to pull together the stuff from the weekend.

i took some pictures along the way in grizedale. if only there was a way in which i could decant the feeling being in grizedale made in me.  the pictures go some way to help me tell my storey.


and of course on another level there’s how being and seeing grizedale has impacted upon our ideas for the art walk we are preparing to produce in may of next year.

lunch now … i could go on and on and on and on ….