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Create to Move is a collaborative practice between Emma Macleod (visual artist), Fiona Hermse (visual artist, jeweller & community artist) and Emma Snellgrove (choreographer & dancer).

We are a recently formed collaborative arts collective.  Key to our practice is a shared interest in exploring movement and the body through a multi-media practice that centres the research and development process.

We have three fundamental topics that we’re exploring 1) AI and technology; 2) the essence of human nature; 3) the natural environment. We’re interested in where these topics intersect.

Our key question or statement at the moment is:

Physicality of touch, making and movement vsAI & technology.

In an increasingly computerised, urbanised and mechanised world, seemingly on the brink of an AI revolution, what are the values of nature, and creativity? As artists we share certain responsibilities to help to preserve the ways in which we express our humanity; through dance, making, play, craft and art. How is technology currently affecting us and how could it shape our futures?


AN Bursary

We received an AN Artist Bursary this year to develop our practise together through a supported residency which would allow us some intensive shared time together.  We are at the very beginnings of our collaborative working, so this time was spent learning how we could work together both in the context of researching our topics, and working out methods of how we can create together across different disciplines, without the pressure of creating a finished outcome.

Our interest in working together started in late 2017 when we worked together on Edgelands as part of Art Walk Porty in Edinburgh. We then found other opportunities to come together through a one-day collaborative workshop at GOMA in Glasgow that brought together youth dancers & artists, followed by a mini-residency at St Margaret’s House in Edinburgh.  This spurred a desire to continue working together in some capacity.

Through our AN Bursary we were originally planning a week-long residency in the Scottish Borders, however on further research we discovered that this wasn’t the best option.  In the end we had a 3-week long residency at St Margaret’s House supported by Edinburgh Palette and AN, followed by a week-long residency at the Steeple in Fife, Newburgh, also supported by AN.

The following blogs will be a reflection on our residencies and methods for collaborative working as part of our de-briefing work and reflections on how we might develop work in the future.