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From London Trip, November 2016

I went to see the Guerrilla Girls exhibition at the Whitechapel gallery whilst on the university trip to London. In 1985, a group of feminist activists in New York donned gorilla masks and took the names of famous women artists of the past. These art world superheroes, known as the guerrilla girls, produce posters, banners, project, using facts and humour to expose sexism, racism and corruption in art, film, politics and culture itself. The new exhibition is revisiting their work in 1986 called “Is it even worse in Europe”. In this piece the Guerrilla girls looked at sexist and racist facts from Europe at the time. The new exhibition at Whitechapel was examining the sexism and racism in todays Europe, which are especially relevant at the moment with the recent Brexit results.


I personally was expecting a lot more from this exhibition than what I actually saw. The exhibition was in a small, one room gallery, which meant that the poster and facts had been squeezed in. For me the composition of the work was wrong and needed more variety to the pieces and also to have more space between the posters and the viewer to allow the viewer to experience the work to its full rather than this exhibition where the work was difficult to see.