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Over the summer I went travelling to India for 7 weeks. I have been there before (I lived there for a year) and I find it a really inspiring country to be in. Its full of colour and culture. It also has a lot of political issues that I have been inspired by in the past in my foundation degree work.


Things that I have inspired from time are:





Womens rights





Faces of people

Cultural differences


Things that I want to develop through to my studio practice:

Collage of photos

Abstract patterns


Working from photos breaking down photos and reconstructing images.

Mixed media work

Printing – block printing traditional method of printing

Fabric prints

Textiles, sewing and using thread

Print plate, wood cut, displaying the print block with the print.

Mehindi drawings.

Sound work.

Video work, installation piece with the prints


Ideas for work development:

Block printing.

Screen printing of images.

Both of these onto fabric.

Making a sari length of traditional indian block printing. Keep a traditional method and go back to the basic way of people drawing people, cave drawings, traditional method of telling stories and also an indexical trace (which links into my work from last year and dissertation)

Using bright colours inspired by my sari that I used whilst on my first trip living in India.


Contextual referencing to look at:

Contemporary indian art – Jitish Kallat, B Prabha, Jamini Roy, F.N Souza

Traditional indian block printing

Japanese wood blocks

Yinka Shonbere – cultural references

Shirin Neshat – cultural references, power of women, womens right, war, not Indian but is relevant.


Images from India from travelling in 2016 and living there in 2012