The 2021 lockdown restrictions have thrown out my intended plan of work on my project. The photographic studio I found was closed, the sound recording was closed and I felt this project was so much about a human, a dancer, that I was very wary of going too far without working on photographing the body. I stalled …

However, discussing the photographic sessions with the studio made me think about using studio flash. I’ve always restricted myself to daylight photography, thinking that any kind of studio flash was out of my reach and impractical. But I completed an excellent Skillshare online course on using off-camera flash in order to learn the concepts of flash photography (I had previously only used studio lighting on a City & Guilds photography course many years ago, and I think that was with static lights not flash). I bought a relatively inexpensive Speedlight for my Nikon and I’ve been playing.

The manual settings are so straightforward (at least when you are going for a trial and error approach) that I wish I had tried this years ago. The flash power is just another factor to adjust to get the right amount of light on the subject – in conjunction with aperture, ISO and so on. And the consistency over daylight is just so fantastic because I am repeatedly photographing the same thing over and over.

It is an unexpected outcome, but this is certainly developing my creative practice – so thank you to the Arts Council and the DYCP award. It is already making a difference.

The photography studio is now open again and I’m going for an induction later this week. Then I will plan the session with the model – and I’ve got more options than I would have had. I’m feeling nervous, but its another step into something new which is exciting.