The process of mentoring has been extremely rewarding and has allowed me to develop my work significantly. It has opened me to a wider understanding of my own work and how others read it. Firstly, how an artist presents themselves publicly is of the utmost importance. From my own experience as a gallerist, when I am looking at artists works for PAPER, a website is the best way to do this. A website allows you to see the how an artist presents themselves publicly, and what decisions an artists makes in regards to their presentational strategies and professionalism. The mentoring was also useful in setting an example of what a gallerist might expect from one of their artists. The reality of working to a set deadline and producing a significant body of work is something that an artist would have to do to produce sufficient work for an art fair or solo exhibition. This is something I expect of my own artists, and so it was interesting to have to undertake this process myself. Finally, the support and critique that I received during the mentoring was of a very high standard and was extremely beneficial. Inevitably, 8 months after the close of the scheme, I am finally finding my way forward with this work. The work did not progress at the speed I would have hoped initially, but I am finding way through. A couple of months ago, I was able to come up with a concept that pulled all my research and ideas together and I am currently working through the first works in this development.

My academic research has been a huge inspiration for my practice and formulated how my work can proceed as a form of methodology. This is something that formed the basis of my PhD research and something that I will continue to develop. Over 2017, I have participated in several national and international exhibitions, which has provided a wider perspective on my practice.

In regards to the objectives of this Bursary, my mentor was able to provide practical advice on proposal writing, she assisted me in rewriting my artist statement and CV, and offered me a great deal of support in regards to professional practice.