Very happy to get a new painting underway this week. You can watch it develop here

It’s very nearly ten years of Daily Drawings. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram. I’ll be creating some related items via Ko-fi in the new year


Suitable for the backwards/forwards looking nature of January, I’ve titled the painting completed last week ‘Hindsight’. Here’s a better quality photo of it (taken with both daylight and studio lighting)

Looking forward, I’ve created a new series of images to work from, and I made a start today. The underpainting is in Burnt Umber and Prussian Blue – my ‘go to’ shadow colours. I find it fascinating how little visual information needs to be provided in order to get the suggestion of faces and expressions. The direction of the gaze of our protagonists is very important in this image. I think I’ve made a reasonable start to get the intensity already.

In the foreseeable future, I hope to be getting back to more regular studio sessions. I’ve been able to make more visits, including Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Have a look at my Instagram for photos, and for Daily Drawings.

Stay safe and thanks for looking.


Completed the latest painting today – the first of the (not so) 2022. I’m hoping for a more productive new year, but given the circumstances I’m not worrying about it too much… Anyway, happy with the outcome of this (so far) untitled painting. It’s the final one from this set of source images. I’ll have a new set soon.

Exhibition news: the grand Under The Bed Sale is underway at Cupola Contemporary Art Gallery. There are six of my paintings to be found, do have a browse if you’re in the area, it’s a treasure trove! More details on the Cupola website

More exhibition news to follow soon. Stay safe and thanks for looking.


A brief but productive time painting in the studio this week. Realised some of the positioning and proportion was out. Having adjusted, I found it helps define the attitude of the head more accurately:

The next exhibition to look out for is the annual bargain art event: the ‘Under The Bed Sale’ at Cupola Gallery, Sheffield. There will be six of my paintings at special offer prices. Here’s a sneak preview of one of them:

More exhibition news soon. Stay safe and thanks for looking.