What is a den?  According to the Collins ENGLISH DICTIONARY (2016).

den: n 1: home of a wild animal 2: small secluded room in a house 3: place where people indulge in a criminal  or immoral activities

Den a naming word but rather then it being a word to name a structure could it be a word that evokes the imagination of a space: a space to retreat to or a space that confines.

Den a representation of a space.  Does this den space have to be a physical structure?  Without the central structure to direct the viewers consciousness will the observerer experience through content and meaning the representational den space as the artist perceives it?  Does it matter if they don’t? Many questions and still researching the theories.


What is the space within the den?

Is it a negative or positive space?

Without the chair is it negative with the chair does it become positive?  This represented den space is created within another cubed space, the cubed space is created within a gallery space within the university.  Now what is this space?  What is real and what is representation?