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– MN

“As words rhyme, narratives and forms can rhyme in space and time.”

Robert and I met last weekend to watch a screening of Jessica Warboys’ short films. Poetical performances, painterly theatrics, I’m particularly interested in the ways she works with objects in space – both real space and film space. In her introduction Warboys spoke of a mirroring between her paintings and her props, between the gestures she makes on canvas and those made in performances – this extends to her film language as well, her camera spiralling, sweeping as bodies and objects do, exploring, re-framing the environment. Props are both found objects and fabricated (sculptural) pieces, which echo shapes, patterns, rhythms in the landscapes – material, tonal as well as formal conversations.

Robert has been testing methods and materials for fusing the pyramids’ glass panels – steel hinges and clasps, glues, magnets… Joining them magnetically would be exciting as it would allow for repositioning (“a flexible, mobile architecture”). Probably not strong enough for joins within the pyramids themselves but perhaps when we come to work with several together…

The role of location in Warboys’ films also made me wonder about photographing the pyramids inside the aviary (/ the aviary inside the pyramids)…