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In my last post I was explaining that my work that I have created throughout my university experience has been compared to Jackson Pollock, so that is why I decided that in my last year that I would change the direction that I was in and explore the idea of who I am in my art.

The artwork that I create is very in the moment and spontaneous, I wanted to create the feeling that the work was flowing as one than having several elements to the the painting. So last week I had a tutorial with my personal tutor and I wanted to talk to her about what I wanted to do and what could I look at for reference.

We talked about the scale of the painting, try painting on top of a photocopy or print of the painting. Also I have a good variety of artists to look at as reference, for example Frank Stella, Tiff Manuell, Ian Davenport, Howard Hodgkin, Robert Rauschenberg, Bernard Frize, Zebedee Jones, Sarah Morris and Christopher Wool. The scale was something that I wanted to play with, I have always painted on a large scale but I think that painting on a small scale might create texture and thickens. Working on a smaller scale but using the same amount of paint I think will bring a different depth to my work, it will almost be three dimensional.