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White Ribbon Day aiming to end male violence against women. Plenty of men are victims of DV too but statistical it’s many more women ( ) Domestic abuse is a gendered crime. It can be physical, emotional, financial or sexual. I’m currently doing virtual college safeguarding on DV and it mentioned the Domestic Abuse Wheel. Compare also to the Equality Wheel. Relationships should be based on equality not power and control.

POWER & CONTROL: Coercion and threats. Minimising, denying and blaming.

EQUALITY: Negotiation, honesty, open communication. Listening non-judgmentally. Valuing opinions.


Don’t tolerate abuse. Seek help.…/types-cri…/domestic-abuse…/domestic-violence-support-team/ (Calderdale & Kirklees)…/domestic-violence-and-…/