i have spent this week putting the exhibition up for the launch of this residency project and the conclusion of another project run through the print centre with brian jones and linda davies at gwenfro primary school.

the exhibition is looking great we’ve put up the work made by the pupils in the drypoint workshop and made a digital book of the work which is going on a shelf in the exhibition, the book was produced with the new exciting digital print falcilities at yale college- i think i might take advantage of these facilities myself to produce digital examples of my work maybe in a book form or postcards or a box set of postcards would be nice.

the quality of print is great the book looks llike a set of original prints!

the project that brian ran looks brilliant as well, they made designs for stamps and have been produced as proper stamps.

on monday afrternoon we are going to have a presentation of the projects and exhibition with teachers from various schools in wrexham to promote the idea of artists is residence, i am also going to give a practical demonstration in the gum arabic transfer process.

hopefully we’ll be able to bring the kids over to see their work as well i think they’ll be excited to see it.


this weekend is the next session of ‘the artists salon’


i went to the first one two weeks ago and it was brilliant, great to see artists getting together for discussion in bangor i think it could turn out to be a great resource and potentially open up opportunities for artists to exhibit in north wales.


i’ve been in discussion with the school about the possibility of making a sculpture for their garden. They want to start the process of building a small sculpture park within the grounds of the school and possibly have one or more powered in some way by a solar panel. It all sounds very ambitious but i think lots of fun and potential.

we have already talked about building a wicker sculpture with the pupils and sculptural flowers made out of metal.

i think i would like to design my own though incorporating themes already present in my work and also print. i really like the idea of working out of my comfort zone and pushing the limits of my practice, i think it would be great fun, challenging and educational to try working on a much larger scale especially with metal and print. also the solar panel suggests working with environmental issues which also inspire me and would be great to get the pupils engaging with such issues.