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Keep It Complex added a sprinkle of politics to MIMA’s weekly community lunches on 14/12/2017.

We brought cupcakes with the faces of local politicians, MPs, MEPs, councillors, the police and crime commissioner and the Mayor.

We also gave people pre-digested political opinions: short sentences and words about art and politics, which people took out of a lucky dip bucket. The challenge was to smoothly sneak in your sentence during your lunch time conversation.

Here are some of the words we prepared AND some of the words we heard during the community lunch.

We won’t tell you which is which – you’ll have to guess. Send us your answers: [email protected] and if you get 90% right, we’ll post you a Michael Gove cupcake.

“I once met Theresa May.”

“It always rains in Middlesbrough.”

“The NHS is the best health service in the world.”

“Let’s work the queue.”

“I love coming here, because the food is so good.”

“We make food for our constituents.”

“Well, I fancy being Prime Minister, I’d tell all them foreigners to leave.”

“You should go on a cruise, it’s great.”

“No deal is better than a bad deal.”

“What is useful art?”

“I don’t read the news”

“I’m not going to eat that Boris Johnson!”

“I’ll maybe come back and look at the art.”

“What’s the single market? Can you explain this to me?”

“Who is the Mayor of Middlesbrough?”

“Different strokes for different folks”

“Are you from South Africa?”

“Strong and stable”

“Usually all the food is gone at 20 past 1.”

“I’ve never voted in my life.”

“This useful art thing is just rubbish. They’re scared of art.”

“People here don’t feel comfortable talking about politics.”

“My English isn’t so great.”

“Is this a raffle ticket?”

“This might be the only day that people have somewhere to go to.”

“I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with you.”

“Jeremy Corbyn should shave.”

“The pound is worthless now.”

“I don’t fancy going to Germany, its just too dull.”

“I often get into arguments on social media.”

“Ah there’ll always be people you don’t see eye to eye with, you just give them a white berth.”

“I’m going to the weaving later and then to the cinema. It’s brilliant.”

“Brexit means Brexit”